Smells and Driving

We all love that new car smell. But did you know that part of that smell is actually the gases that are escaping from the adhesives and plastics used when they build the car? So you might want to crack the window for the first few months that you own a new car to avoid any problems, because some people actually get sick from the new car smell.

Studies are now showing that other smells can affect how you drive as well. Here are a few examples:

Lemon and coffee smells can make you more alert and able to think more clearly.  And no, that does not include the caffeine in the coffee; just the smell of it makes your brain wake up.

On the other hand, smells such as jasmine and lavender can actually make you feel too relaxed, and drowsy behind the wheel. Obviously, that can be dangerous!

Overall, peppermint and cinnamon are probably your best choice. They make you more alert behind the wheel, and they can also reduce anxiety and fatigue at the same time. So if you are feeling frustrated on the road, switch to these items.

If you are an aggressive driver, then don’t have fast food smells in your car. Studies have shown that the smell of fast food makes people more aggressive and can lead to road rage. It makes you feel hungry, which makes you more irritable. So make sure that you clean out any wrappers and French fries that might have slipped beneath the seats, because that could be the reason that you are too aggressive behind the wheel! 

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