Winter Tires

Remember snow tires? Most people don’t use them anymore, but there has been a big jump in sales of winter tires. Winter tires don’t look like the old snow tires, and that’s because they are really different. Snow tires had big lugs in the tread and they were very noisy on the road. And when the streets were dry, they actually gave you worse traction than your regular tires.

On the other hand, the new winter tires are designed to help you in all types of conditions in the winter. The secret is the makeup of the tires.

Winter tires have a different rubber compound that will remain soft in the cold weather. That translates into better traction not only in the snow, but also on cold, dry streets. Winter tires also have a tread design with a lot of cuts in it called sipes. Those cuts help the tire bite into the snow and ice much like the old snow tires used to do, and the grooves help channel slush and water away from the tire. The result is a tire that performs well all winter long, in all types of weather.

If you are thinking about buying winter tires, here is a tip:

Always buy all four tires, no matter if your vehicle is two wheel drive, or four wheel drive. If you only buy two, your vehicle will not handle properly due to having different types of tires on the front and rear wheels.

And although it may seem like a lot of money to get winter tires, remember this: Not only will you not get stuck as often and be safer, but you will extend the life of your regular tires as well.

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