Driving in the Dark

When we talk about visibility, you need to start with the headlights. Make sure that they work on both high beam and low beam. And remember to use your low beams when it is foggy outside. Using your high beams only makes the glare worse.

 Keep them clean too. If the headlight lenses are even a little bit dirty, that can reduce your light output a lot!

Also, make sure that they are aimed properly, because if they are off even a little bit, it can affect how well you can see.

The windshield and wipers are the next things to check. Change the wiper blades once a year, because there is nothing worse than bad blades when it's raining outside.

And make sure that you have plenty of washer fluid.

Also, there are products such as Aquapel that can be applied to all of the glass on your car. Once applied, most water drops will run right off of the glass, and frost has a harder time forming on the glass, and that greatly improves visibility.

Then clean the inside of your windows, especially if you are a smoker. You would be surprised at the amount of dirt that comes off, and how much better you will see.

Check to see if your rear view mirror has a setting for nighttime driving also. If you flip the lever, you can avoid headlight glare from cars behind you as well.

And check the defroster. Make sure that the blower works, and that there is plenty of heat to defrost the windows so you can see.

Even though we have nice weather right now, the snow is coming. Make sure that you clear your windows of snow and frost before you drive off. Looking out of a little peephole in the windshield is dangerous not only for you, but also for everyone else around you.  Please take the time to be safe.

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