The Cost of Being Cool

To find out why it is so expensive to fix your air conditioner, we need to start with what's inside. The government banned production of the old Freon type of refrigerant about 10 years ago, so the price went way up. And the refrigerant that is used in newer cars is going up as well. The price has about doubled since last year! 

Also, the air conditioner systems on newer cars hold much less refrigerant than older cars. So even if you have a little leak, it will affect the cooling output a lot. And since the amount that is in there needs to be exactly right, you can no longer just put some more refrigerant in yourself, and expect it to cool. Your mechanic needs to find and fix the leak, and then put the exact amount of refrigerant in the system. All of this gets expensive, but the cool air is worth it. 

Even if your air conditioner is working fine, there are a few things that you can do to help it cool better: First, always roll down your windows for the first few blocks of your drive. That can drop the temperature inside your car by about 50 degrees right away. Second, use the recirculation setting on the air conditioner. That cools the car down much quicker because you are not trying to cool down the hot outside 

Finally, put on a pair of sunglasses. It won't lower the temperature in the car, but you will look much cooler! 

Enjoy your summer!

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