Back to School

Can you believe that it's back to school time already? That means that we all need to slow way down in school zones. And as you drive through a school zone, remember that it’s possible that a child can pop out of anywhere. It's best to scan the road from side to side at all times and never drive aggressively. 

And give the crossing guards a break. When they are trying to get students across the street, give them plenty of room and don't get too impatient. After all, they are just kids, and they have an important job to do. 

School buses stop at many different places to pick up kids. Traffic moving in both directions needs to stop when the bus has its stop sign out. Kids can dart out from the bus and run right into traffic, so be careful!

When you are carpooling to school, never put young children in the front seat if it has an airbag on that side. And when you drop them off, it's important to pull up to the curb and let them out on the passenger side. Double parking or letting them out on the driver's side will put them in a dangerous situation with cars driving through the parking lot. 

And because there might be other kids walking in the wrong areas of the parking lot, try to avoid backing up if possible. A young child could be in your blind spot and you could bump into them or even run them over. 

Finally, always make sure that your child has gotten away from your vehicle before pulling away. Backpacks and coats can get caught in the door and your child could end up being dragged along side of your vehicle. 

So stay alert and please don't get impatient. It takes only a few extra minutes to make sure that the kids get to school safely.

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