Is Your Trunk a Killer?

Small kids are curious, and sometimes they can even find a way to get into the trunk of a car. And on a summer day, it's 150 degrees in there. That can kill a small child within minutes.

So why does a child even get in there in the first place? Many times kids are just curious, or sometimes they are playing hide and seek. 

It can be easier than you might think for a child to end up in the trunk. The car key is the first way that you might think of, but on some cars there is a handle by the front seat, and on others the rear seat folds down. 

Once they get in, they can pull the trunk or seat shut, trapping themselves inside. Because of this possibility, some automakers have an emergency trunk release kit available to consumers. 

The kit consists of a bright yellow handle that can be seen in the dark, and a different trunk latch. It installs in about a half hour, and can save someone's life. If anyone is trapped in the trunk, they can simply pull the handle, and the trunk opens right up. After the trunk is open, it takes an adult to reset the latch so it will close again.

On some newer cars, there will be sensors in the trunk that will know if someone is inside, and automatically open the trunk to allow them to get out.

Until then, the main thing to remember is that kids can get into about anything when you are not watching, so your best bet is to lock the car up, and keep the keys where the kids can't get at them.

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