Give Me the Boot

you hear your mechanic talk about your boots, do you picture something
like cowboy boots? Well, the boots on your car actually don’t look
anything like that, but here is why you want to check them.

Your car's CV boots
are actually rubber covers on the axles on front wheel drive cars.
Because the axles need to move up and down and turn with the wheel, they
need what's called CV joints in the axles. CV stands for “constant
velocity”. The boots cover those joints. They keep grease on the
joint, and keep contaminants like muddy water out of the joint.

Most times CV boots
get torn open from an object in the road, and it is almost always the
outside boot that gets torn. If the CV boot never gets torn, you can
expect 100 thousand miles or more out of most CV joints. But when it
does get torn open, all of the grease comes out and the joint will fail.

the CV joint starts to fail, it will make a clicking noise when you are
making a turn. 
When the joint gets really worn out, it can break completely and
leave you stranded.

When you do have a CV boot go bad, it is usually advisable to replace
the whole axle. If the boot has been open for any length of time, the CV
joint inside has usually been damaged, and rebuilt axles are usually
pretty inexpensive to replace.

usually don't need to make a special appointment to get your boots
checked. Every time that you are getting an oil change, remind your
mechanic to check your boots, and I don't mean cowboy boots.

The Auto Guy – Jim Champion

Charlie Graham Body and Service

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