A Different Kind of Filter

You know that your car has a filter for the air going in the engine, but did you know that on lots of newer cars, there is an air filter for the air that YOU breathe? 

It's called a cabin air filter, and it is placed right in the ductwork coming into your vehicle. It is designed to trap pollution, pollen, and other bad things before they get inside your car. 

They are usually located under the wiper on the passenger side, or in the dash, by the glove box area. 

Replacing the filter on some vehicles is a do it yourself project, but on others it might require your mechanic to put it in.

If you do decide to replace it on your own, check your owner’s manual to see how it is done. 

In the case of many filters, you simply pull down the glove box, and pull out the filter through an access hole. 

If the filter is not changed often enough, it becomes full of bad things that can make you sick. You can imagine the kinds of mold and pollen particles that can get on the filter, especially in humid weather. Then all of the air coming in to the car has to go through those things, so the air that you breathe is in pretty bad shape.

On the other hand, if you keep this filter fresh and clean, it blocks almost all of the particles that can cause problems for you and your passengers.

Whether you do it yourself, or have someone else do it, it is important to change it every 15,000 miles or so.

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