Are Your Wipers Ready For Winter?

By: The Auto Guy Email
By: The Auto Guy Email

You usually remember that you need new wiper blades when it’s raining outside, then forget about it later. But it is important to check your wiper blades every so often to make sure that they are in good shape.

If your wiper blades are torn or feel rough along the edge they obviously need to be replaced. Sometimes the blades look okay, but they just aren’t clearing the glass like they used to. The blades are out in the hot sun all summer and in the bitter cold all winter and the rubber blade is going to wear out in those conditions. You should really change your blades once a year no matter what.

There are also different types of blades that are being used these days. Some replacements are exact matches of the ones that came off of the vehicle, but there are also newer designs as well. There is a winter-type blade and it has a boot that fits over the arms on the wiper blade, which keeps the ice and snow out. That helps keep the blade on your windshield in the sloppy winter weather.

Most times wiper blades are not that tough to replace. There is usually just a clip that holds the wiper blade to the wiper arm. Just release the clip and the blade pops right off. Reverse the procedure with the new blade and you are ready for action. Other wiper blades are a little more complicated to replace, but instructions are usually included when you buy the replacement blades.

There are some things that you can do to extend the life of your wiper blades, such as wiping them off with a towel and some mild detergent. And remember to be careful when you are removing ice from the windshield this winter. Jabbing down into the rubber wiper blade can ruin it in no time.

Probably the most neglected wiper is the back wiper. It gets beat up and sometimes ripped off in the car wash and half the time it doesn’t even touch parts of the glass that it is supposed to be wiping.

It’s important to not only replace the blade, but make sure that the pivot point of the wiper arm can move freely. There is a spring inside the arm that holds the blade to the glass and if that area is gummed up, the spring just can’t pull the blade down on to the glass. Give it a little spray of penetrating oil, work the arm back and forth and hopefully you are good to go.

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