Think you've got a tough job? Try trading places with Portland Detective Nick Burkhardt.

When he’s not fighting criminals, he’s fighting evil – real evil. Nick’s a “Grimm,” an ancient line of hunters who stop the spread of supernatural creatures in the world. His friend and unique ally is Monroe, a Blutbad who trained himself to resist his “appetites.”

Season 2 saw Nick embracing his legacy, honing his skills and becoming the “Grimm” he was born to be. But as his presence became known, danger followed. A brief encounter with his long-thought-dead mother let him know he wasn't alone in the fight. Then, for a while he lost his girlfriend to a love spell that had her in the clutches of his boss/nemesis, Captain Renard. His detective partner Hank learned Nick’s not-so-little secret (and nearly lost his mind), and the devious witch Adalind found a way to restore her powers. Now
woe be unto anyone who stands in her way…

As Nick faces his most dangerous hour, those closest to him must join the fight … because what happens next will change the world of Grimm forever.

Prepare for an all-new year of thrills and chills.

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