Crossing Lines

With the formation of the European Union, borders were opened for easy trade and travel.

However, this came with an unexpected consequence: an explosion of international crime. With such free reign, criminals were able to run to any country, and hide in any city.

Now, in a world where the most dangerous can cross so many boundaries, one elite task force – each member handpicked for their special skills – must draw the line.

Carl Hickman was once one of the NYPD’s finest detectives, due to his uncanny ability to dissect a crime scene. But after being wounded in action, he felt betrayed by those closest to him. Angry and humiliated, he exiled himself to a life of anonymity… until today.

Captain Louis Daniel, one of Carl’s old colleagues, has assembled a squad of five young, eager cops from across Europe – and they need Carl’s help. Now, Carl and his team must traverse the world’s most exotic locations, taking down the most vicious and elusive criminals. But in order to survive the dangers that await them, they’ll need to learn to work as one.

From executive producer/writer Edward Allen Bernero (Criminal Minds, Third Watch) comes a thrilling new drama starring William Fichtner (Prison Break, Black Hawk Down) and Donald Sutherland (The Hunger Games, The Pillars of the Earth).

One-hour drama

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