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Why Advertise on Television?

•Television’s reach and influence among U.S. adults is unmatched by any other medium.

•Adults spend 29 minutes more watching television on an average day than the time spent each day with radio, newspapers, magazines and the Internet combined. Television’s reach among adults exceeds 90% in every demographic segment, far surpassing all other media.

•Television’s unique attributes enhance an advertiser’s message. The image attributes of a television commercial are considered more powerful than those associated with ads appearing in any other medium. Those qualities of most authoritative, most exciting, most influential and most persuasive give an advertiser’s message even greater communication clout.

•Television commercials are memorable. Even if campaigns have been discontinued the chances are you can remember some of them. The Clara Peller “Where’s the beef?” commercial only ran for a few weeks, but it was overwhelmingly memorable.

•Television is credible. Television is still the medium from which consumers are most likely to learn about products and brands, or products they might like to try or buy.

•Television offers prestige and glamor. Advertising in news programs, documentaries, and drama specials can give a sponsor an identification with social concerns, ideas and public affairs.

•Television is affordable. A station’s rates are directly related to it’s audience size, and no other medium can give you 99% of the Omaha market more efficiently.

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