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Strategies For Scheduling Your Media

You are visible an equal amount of time-a steady, continuing, and ongoing schedule.

2. Alternating even:
You are visible an equal amount of time-a steady, continuing and ongoing schedule with a consistent and short amount of blackout periods in between.

3. Alternating Staggered:
An effort that builds up, drops back and then build up again. This could be a good schedule if you have two very different selling seasons, say one at Christmas time, another in spring.

4. Flighting:
You advertise heavily and constantly for a period, then drop your ads altogether, then get back in again.

5. Pulsing:
Pulsing is similar to flighting, except during the slow periods you merely run fewer ads advertising rather than stop it altogether. The pattern: a heavy program, followed by a lighter one and then heavy again. Broadcast television is a typical tool to use for this type of scheduling.

6. Seasonal:
Just what it says: you run ads steadily as your season approaches, and you don’t advertise the rest of the time. This is common with marketers who have a single super-heavy season.

7. Teaser step-up:
Similar to the seasonal method, except, as the season approaches, advertising starts small, then gradually builds until it is greatest at the peak of your sales season.

8. Step-Down:
This is the opposite of Step-up. The two can go together. Use Step-up to lead to your heavy season, and then keep the season going with a Step-down: a lesser campaign, but nevertheless a presence. Step-down gradually decreases advertising after the peak sales period until it vanishes during your “slow”months.

There are really no principles of scheduling. In fact any of these methods can be intertwined. Previous experience, common sense, and your budget will dictate the most appropriate advertising schedule for your business.

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